Our Story

Damon and Bradley have been friends since graduate school at Clark Atlanta University and share many common interests. Both of the men, really value family and especially the wonderful women in their lives. The two gentlemen found that they continued to have discussions on how to improve relationships and they wanted to share that information with other men. They two Managing Partners took their passion for improving relationships into action. Their goal was to help men enhance their relationships with the women in their lives so they founded Xoxoher.

Xoxoher is a fully automated gift service solution for men who want to make sure they never miss another special occasion for the women in their life, such as an Anniversary or a Birthday. The average man spends $75 on a date their first year in a relationship and over $100 after the first year. And so, Damon and Bradley knew that they needed to provide a product that was affordable. The founders of Xoxoher have managed to provide an easy and affordable gift solution which costs less than an average date. Their passion is always to continue to enhance relationships by helping men succeed in making women feel special.

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